Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Neal's Cafe - Springdale, AR

One of my favorite places to eat made a recent decision to add Chicken strips to their menu. Not only chicken strips but homemade hand battered chicken strips. I was a little worried that they may go for the easy frozen out of the bag strips. They didn't. They wanted to put the hard work in to do it right. They have. On a anonymous tip (my friend Jack) alerted me that I need to go try these out. So Robyn and I ventured out one Sunday afternoon to check them out. I've seen the chicken strips on the menu before but have not ordered them before due to their tasty fried chicken. It is up there with Monte Ne chicken. Neal's and Monte Ne are two of the only places I have found that serve the pulley portion of the chicken. 
This is the wishbone portion near the chicken's head that spans the two breast halves. SOOOO GOOD!!
On to why we are here..........the chicken strips!!

I was pleasantly surprised with these. As I said they are hand battered. The chicken was fried perfectly where the breading almost falls off the chicken. I love that. Had a pretty good taste to them. I think they could have used some more seasoning for sure. Very juicy chicken though. That's a good thang!

8 out of 10 clucks

Fry Time
Straight out of the freakin bag crinkle cut fries. Enough said.

5 out of 10 fries because they were at least crispy