Monday, July 11, 2011

Doe's Eat Place - Fayetteville, Arkansas

I'm back!!!!!!! After a 3 month hiatus. I know I know. Something about having a 5 month old leaves no time. :) Loving every minute of it!!
Alright let's get too it. Doe's Eat Place, on Dickson Street, on the hill. Yes known for their great expensive steaks. But....wait for it....they have hand battered chicken strips. Say what? Yes they do. And very good strips indeed. Order the adult portion and you get six VERY LARGE chicken strips and a ton of fries.

These are the largest strips I've ever been served and fantastic. Lightly breaded with a small amount of seasoning. Juicy and delicious. I almost couldn't finish them. The key word there being almost. :)

10 out of 10 clucks. I'm not kidding. That good.

The Fries
Fresh cut. My favorite. Very seasoned and yummy. Cooked evenly and just right.

9 out of 10 fries

Bonus Review:

The Biscuit Drops

Delicious breaded little drops of heaven biscuits. Mmmm...Mmmm...good. Add a little honey to them and they melt in your mouth.

10 out of 10 on the biscuit meter