Friday, February 25, 2011

Northern Exposure Bar and Grill - Fayetteville, AR

New sports bar and grill in the old Smokey Bones BBQ joint. Nice bar and 60 inch plasmas throughout the restaurant. They have $1 Bud Light drafts ALL DAY long. Which meant alot more to me a month ago before my little boy was born. :)
Also a little side note. The waitress's here are dressed like....well they aren't really dressed at all. This place make Hooters look like Chucky Cheese.
On to the reason why we are here.... the Chicken Tenders
3 very large hand battered chicken tenders and a TON of fries. All for $8.99.

Very seasoned tenders. Juicy. And I can't get over how big they are. Buddy of mine got the Steak Burger and it was huge. It seemed from other plates around us that all entrees are served with very large portions.

7 out of 10 clucks

The Fries

Seasoned fries. Light batter. Very very tasty. Not like any other fries I've had in Northwest Arkansas Different and I liked that.

8 out of 10 fries