Monday, October 3, 2011

Cafe Rue Orleans - Fayetteville, AR

Hello strangers! It's been two months. I've got to get better at this don't I?? I just didn't realize being a dad could be some much fun and take up my time. :) Loving every second of it.
Cafe Rue Orleans on College Avenue in Fayetteville. Great cajun food by two wonderful ladies. But they also have chicken strips so I had to give them a try. And it was worth it.

The Bourbon Strippers

Don't you love the name? Maybe something to do with Bourbon Street entertainment?? Not that I noticed that at the Sugar Bowl last year.

Look at this huge plate of food you get. 6 large tenders and a plate of fries for $16.99. Lunch price is $9.50. But man you get your money's worth at dinner. I could not finish the plate. Those fries stretched from what you see all the way underneath the strips. You won't leave hungry.

These were cooked to perfection. Very juicy inside and well seasoned on the outside with a light batter that my taste buds loved. A little cajun kick. What else would you expect?

9 out of 10 clucks

The Fries

Fries were freaking awesome as well. Same as above with some cajun seasoning some chopped fresh parsley sprinkled on top of them. Yummy!!

8 out of 10 fries

What did Grayson think??