Thursday, December 16, 2010

Primo Neighborhood Bar & Grill - Fayetteville, AR

A fantastic neighborhood bar & grill on Crossover. Primo. My 2nd stop in this area. Great food, cold beverages, and great atmosphere. Northwest Arkansas needs more neighborhood bar & grills. I hope this is the first of many. It's in the old Bizy's restaurant and they redesigned the whole inside to a very cozy place. It was packed on the Friday night we went.
Primo Tenders:

You get 8 fairly large hand battered tenders. Very impressive because these days it's usually about 4. All for $6.95. They are lightly battered with a seasoning with a little kick to them. They remind me of the tenders Fuzzy's Bar & Grill used to serve before it closed in the late 90's. (Side note: If you ever used to get the famous beef eater at Fuzzy's I've been told they are serving the exact recipe at On the Mark Bar & Grill.)

9 out of 10 clucks


Gotta tell you these were wonderful. I think the best I've ever had. Not kidding. They are fresh cut fries. Spicy. The chef told me he uses Old Bay seasoning and some light baking dust. He does blanche the fries. Which is dropping the fries in the fryer for about 30 seconds and then pulls them out. Then drops them again to finish frying them. This process ensures the fries are cooked perfectly on the outside all the way through to the inside. Freaking awesome. You have to go and try them!

Drum roll please.......................

10 out of 10 fries

I'm out

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cafe at White Oak Station- Fayetteville, AR

Something a little different this week. Tenders from a gas station. Yeah I said tenders from a gas staton. One of my favorite places to grab some chicken tenders in college was the old Lindsey's Mercantile on Crossover. They were known for their tenders and burgers. And for a potato log I would die for called "Arkies" Very yummy. Mrs. Lindsey was always in there eating lunch and eating some Arkies. Anyway, they eventually disappeared around 2000. And Lindsey's Mercantile closed a few years ago when Walgreens forked over some cash for that land.
Now the Mercantile is back across the street in a new White Oak Station on Crossover. The name just says Cafe. I stopped by to get gas there the other day and noticed they had a burger bar. Checked it out and then noticed there were some nice looking hand battered tenders staring me in the face in the food case. Needless to say I had to try them out.
Hello my friends hello. It's good to see you again. (I think that's some of the words to a old Neil Diamond song) I gotta tell you they were just as good as the ones I remember, Like I said hand battered and cooked perfectly where the breading falls off the meat. Heaven. Chicken Tender heaven.
$1.29 a tender. But they were big and juicy!

9 out of 10 clucks. My best rating yet my friends.

 Fries were not the old Arkies but regular batter fries. They had some type of seasoned batter on them and were surprisingly very tasty. And I think my friend Kyle who writes the blog Gibby's French Fry Report would agree very well cooked. He says that is the hardest thing to find with fries is properly cooked fries. I think these were. They also have potato wedges but I did not try those this time around.

7 out of 10 fries

Check out Kyle's french fry report here: