Monday, May 4, 2015

Dugan's Pub - Little Rock, Arkansas

It's been such a long time fellow chicken strip lovers.

The family and I went down to Little Rock one weekend and we tried out an Irish Pub downtown in the River Market district. My step father Rich and my mother had recommended it and said they had fantastic chicken strips. Naturally that's all I needed to hear and we were there within 10 minutes. :)

The place is called Dugan's Pub.

These are beer battered chicken strips. Not heavy coated.

Very juicy and had a hint of a seasoned salt in them that gave them a nice flavor. You get four strips in the basket along with the fries.

Grayson had them also. Like father like son. :) He gave them an official thumbs up!

9 out of 10 clucks. Good stuff.

On to the fries................

I loved the fries. They were a thicker cut fry and absolutely delicious. Evenly cooked throughout and not over crispy.  I even had to steal a few from Grayson. Had Bay seasoning on them and were fantastic.

9.5 Fries

Grayson was so pleased with the chicken strips he had to do a little dance with his Grammy. He put on a nice show for the other guests of the restaurant.

8.5 out of 10 stars for the two getting their groove on.

Dugan's is located at the corner of 3rd and Rock in the River Market district in downtown Little Rock..

Until next time....

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